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Looking for the best info on natural pet care for your pet?

Whether you are a just starting out or are looking for more ways to share a natural and holistic lifestyle with your animal, here you will find the info you need.

We are so happy to have you here with us learning as much as you can, and hopefully making a commitment to raising your family pet member naturally.

With all the trial and error, product tasting by our pets, and other issues we have experienced for the past 20 plus years, we're hoping that we can help you avoid some of the lessons we learned the hard way.

Experience tells us that having a healthy , holistic pet is the best way to having a happy pet. It takes commitment. Yet, we can tell you…it is worth it!

Our animals give us so much happiness. We feel blessed everyday they are in our lives. They are family members with tons of love to give and it is our goal to give them a natural and holistic lifestyle.

That is why we have this website. To share with you all the time-tested information we have gathered over the last 20 years so you don’t have to. It’s all in one place…for you and your pet!

What you will find on Natural Pet Essentials

  • Reviews on various brands of dog, cat and parrot food. Are they really natural?
  • Great recipes for making your own natural horse, cat, parrot, hamster and pet treats
  • Info about Supplements and what they do
  • Natural pet remedies that you can make yourself
  • Homeopathic pet medicine
  • Pet allergy medication
  • Pet flea medication
  • Pet Loss and Grief Support
  • Best Pet Health Insurance
  • Animal Reiki, dog massage, cat massage and horse massage!
  • A place to share your photos and stories about raising your pet naturally

The other cool thing that we want to share with you is not only great information about food, insurance, supplements and treats…

How about great information and reviews about

So, please stop by often as we will be adding new and great information often.

Sending you many Thanks, Barks, Meows, Tweets and Flutters.

Samoyed dog raised with natural pet products

That's Marley the wonder dog. She's a happy girl who loves to play with her Shih Tzu friends.

This 9-year old female samoyed is raised totally without drugs and harmful foods. Her irritable bowel syndrome cleared up with holistic medicine and good organic foods!

And she can't wait to tell you more!

Happy Tails!

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